The Greenhouse Signature Massage

You and your therapist will begin this journey by selecting an aromatic essential oil blend  and discussing your therapeutic needs to develop a customized and targeted massage. Relax and breathe deeply as your therapist soothes or invigorates your muscles depending on your needs. Providing the ultimate in relaxation, this focused treatment utilizes a combination of massage techniques, scented oils with our serene and peaceful surroundings. Enhancing your experience is your choice of either our seasonal hand and foot scrub or a dry brushing treatment before your massage.

 80 min:     $160        110 min:     $195

Relaxation Massage

Our classic Swedish massage utilizes long smooth strokes, along with circular movements to help create an experience that is relaxing and beneficial at the same time. Tailored to fit your needs, this massage incorporates a variety of therapeutic techniques to ease tension, address aches and pains and provide deep relaxation. Choose from a collection of essential oils for a calming, energizing or relaxing experience.

50 min:     $90        80 min:     $135        110 min:     $175

Tension Relief Massage

With slower strokes and techniques, this therapeutic massage targets the deeper layers of the muscles and helps ease chronic tension. Your therapist will focus their attention on the areas that are overused and stressed from exercise, work or repetitive movements. Goals of treatment can be to promote flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve endurance or prepare the body and mind for optimal performance. This massage is perfect for athletes, post work-out or someone needing a deeper massage to enhance mobility.

50 min:     $100        80 min:     $150        110 min:     $190

Mother-to-Be Massage (available after the 1st trimester)

Designed to nurture and support both mother and baby, this gentle massage uses specially blended herb-infused oils helps alleviate tension in the lower back, legs, feet and neck and improve skin elasticity. Spoil yourself or an expectant mother with a soothing massage designed to improve skin elasticity, reduce fatigue and relax areas prone to tension during pregnancy. This massage is designed to relax the mother-to-be using special positioning and pillows to ensure the safety and comfort of both mother and baby.

50 min:     $100        80 min:     $150       

Two-Together Massage

Some experiences are best enjoyed together. Our classic Swedish massage treatment is perfect for any duo, as you escape and enjoy a personalized massage with a friend, family member or romantic partner on side-by-side massage tables. After consulting with each of you, our therapists will work in unison to provide an unforgettable shared experience. 

50 min:     $180        80 min:     $270         110 min:     $350

Targeted Massage

This massage is perfect for when time is limited or when you have a specific area of concern. While not a full body massage; this treatment aims to release the maximum amount of tension in a minimal amount of time.  A concentrated back, shoulder or neck massage designed to meet your specific needs. 

30 min:     $70


Customize Your Massage

Please ask our Spa Concierge for assistance in customizing your massage with the following treatment enhancements:

Reflexology (Hands, Feet or Both)

This balancing treatment has origins dating back more than 3,000 years. It is based on the theory that the reflexes in your hands and feet correspond to all parts of your body. Your therapist will apply gentle but firm pressure to the various reflex points on your hands and/or feet to promote greater circulation and relaxation.

30  min:     $60  (Hands or Feet)      50 min:     $90 (Hands and Feet)

Hot Stones 

Practiced in ancient medicines for centuries, heated stones massage is a technique renowned for its healing and relaxing properties. These warm stones in conjunction with long flowing strokes soothe, release tension and offer deep relief to sore muscles. Add hot stones to any of massages to create the perfect blend of heat and relaxation.   


Body Brushing

Using a natural bristle brush to stimulate your circulation and lymph systems, this treatment will revive dull skin while it exfoliates and detoxifies your body. The body brush is your gift to take with you.

15 min     $25